Arts 2 Hearts


The vision is to encourage and promote the use of arts as a valued form of expression. We believe in the importance of boosting the creative arts within Education. Arts can be a very useful catalyst for cultural exchange and the empowerment & engagement of young people. 


The mission is to expose young people from the Western world (especially in schools) to a variety of Ugandan art, via workshops, discussions, short films, performances, and exhibitions. The support we get from these schools is used for outreaches in underdeveloped communities in Uganda. The outreaches will help young people to explore their creative skills, will connect and give them an insight of the Western youth (through digital media like videos etc.) and most of all they will have a lot of fun. So with this initiative, the young people from the Western world are playing part in the social change of their disadvantaged age mates in Uganda. 

Another part of the mission is to set up an Arts 2 Hearts Open Space, a big creative space where artists have the opportunity to come together and practice and develop their creative skills. The idea is to create a big dance studio, visual arts room & exhibition area that can also be used as a meeting place for discussions, workshops etc. It will be a public space, free for creative artists and young kids, who seek for a place to explore their talent. The space will function as a big network for the exchange of opportunities and experiences across all different kind of borders.

On all the different areas, the Arts 2 Hearts project results into personal development, de-campaigning of inequality and segregation through general inclusion. It builds teamwork and connection between the young people from the Western and the Ugandan world. With creative art, we promote the development of self-awareness and tolerance for being different. We aim to break barriers & stereotypes and to learn and share on skill level and culture. In the past years, Arts 2 Hearts organization has annually visited schools, working with an average of 1200 young people per month.